Saturday, November 15, 2014

From NEHGS - Evansville, Indiana

Spotlight: Evansville, Indiana, Cemeteries
by Valerie Beaudrault, Assistant Editor
Evansville, Indiana, Cemeteries

The city of Evansville, in southwestern Indiana, is the county seat of Vanderburgh County. Databases for two city cemeteries have been made available on the Evansville and Vanderburgh County website. Click the cemetery name link in the contents list to learn more.

Oak Hill Cemetery, established in 1853, is a garden-style, landscaped cemetery about a mile and a half from downtown Evansville. The cemetery's first burial--of Ellen Johnson, age 2--took place February 18, 1853. The site provides information on Ellen, as well as a history of the cemetery, including photographs and a map. Among those buried at Oak Hill are a number of Civil War dead--500 Union soldiers, 24 Confederate soldiers, and 98 other local residents who died as a result of the war.

Locust Hill Cemetery is located in the former town of Lamasco, which is now a district in Evansville. Originally a small, private country cemetery, it was eventually deeded to the City of Evansville. Photographs and a map of the cemetery are available on the website.

Interment Databases
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