Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evergreen Cemetery - Austin, Texas

Location: East 12th Street and Airport Blvd. in Austin. Next to Highland Park Cemetery.    

The first recorded burial was in 1926, however there are graves dating back to 1898. There are about 12,000 graves in this cemetery and it is about full.

The cemetery is owned by the City of Austin which took over the cemetery in about 1941. In 1955, the city bought the Stiles tract next to Evergreen. This tract had been Highland Park cemetery, but only several stones were left. Highland Park was organized in 1891 but the charter was given back in 1941. Old city records show there were 165 burials between 1891 to 1893. But today there are only 4 stones left from the cemetery. The list of burials is taken from city records and the grave stones. The grave stones showed different spellings from the city records in many cases. So anyone looking for a person in Evergreen should look at any possible spelling.

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