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Salem, Massachusetts

The Burying Point is the oldest burying ground in the city of Salem. Buried there is Justice John Hathorne, an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne and one of the judges in the Witchcraft Court. From the cemetery, you can wander into the area designated as the Witch Trials Memorial and reflect on the people from Salem's past remembered here.

From Find a Grave:

Cemetery notes and/or description:
This cemetery is referred to as GR1 Charter Street Cemetery in the "Vital Records of Salem Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Volume V - Deaths" and SAL.806 Charter Street Burial Ground in the "MACRIS survey of Massachusetts Cemeteries

The Charter Street Burial Ground, historically known as Olde Burying Point is the second oldest *recorded* burial ground in the United States. [I doubt this!] Notables like Samuel McIntire, Giles Cory's second wife, Lt. Col. John Hathorn Esq.("the hanging judge"),  members of the Freemasons, and Mayflower passenger.

Old Burying Point or the Charter Street Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Salem, and the second oldest known cemetery in the country, started in 1637. It is located on Charter St. next to the Witch Trials Memorial and contains many famous individuals such as Jonathan Corwin and John Hawthorne, who were Judges in the Salem Witch Trials, Samuel Bradstreet who was a Governor of Massachusetts and many more interesting historical figures. There are currently 347 entries for this cemetery.

For those of you looking for the graves of the Witch Trial Victims, you can view the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. The many of the victims were not given gravestones and were buried in unmarked graves near the site of their hanging. 2 of the victims, Rebecca Nurse and George Jacobs are buried on the Rebecca Nurse Homestead.

Cemetery Status: Excellent. The grounds are well kept, and attempts have been made to restore most of the broken stones. They also provide information and a map detailing where to find the most prominent citizens on a plaque at the entrance.


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