Monday, February 7, 2011

Urgent Plea from the LBJ Presidential Library!

We are in search of a SoundScriber machine. These devices were most widely used by governmental agencies (late 1950s-1981) to record police and fire radio traffic, phone calls, courtroom proceedings and aircraft radio transmissions. Radio stations even used them. We have about 60 SoundScriber tapes with each possibly having 24 hours of recorded telephone conversations.

We have one machine that works OK, but would dearly love to have a second machine. A broken machine is OK, if at all possible we will have it repaired.
The model of the SoundScriber machine is S-124-C by SoundScriber Corp., North Haven, Connecticut.
If anyone has ever heard of these machines and may have one or may know someone with one, PLEASE let us know. Thanks!


  1. I have one! Drop me a note if you're still looking. jeff.lubbock (@) gmail (.) com

  2. Thanks to Jeff, the Library has a "new" Soundscriber!!