Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cemetery Crime - Do the Recycling Places Recognize Cemetery Vases?!?

Grand Jury: 4 Men Stole Cemetery Vases

Brass Vases Taken From Mt. Olivet, Olinger Crown Hill, Golden, Arvada Cemeteries

Deb Stanley, 7NEWS Producer
POSTED: 4:12 pm MDT March 25, 2011

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- A Jefferson County Grand Jury has indicted four men for stealing decorative brass vases from cemeteries and selling them at recycling centers for cash, prosecutors said.

The group is accused of stealing vases from Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Olinger Crown Hill Cemetery, the Golden Cemetery and the Arvada Cemetery between July and November.

The grand jury indicted Michael Dean Gonser, 43, Donald Richard Tebeau, 46, Jason Lee Seader, 37, and Juan Gallegos, 27, on one or more felony counts of theft receiving and conspiracy to commit theft receiving, prosecutors said.

Officials said at least 600 vases were stolen, but the number could be much higher because not all families may have reported the theft.

Each brass vase has a retail value of $200 to $500. The men are alleged to have received approximately $20 for each vase they recycled.

Tebeau was arrested March 22. Warrants have been issued for the arrests of Gonser, Seader and Gallegos.


  1. I recently photographed a marker and noticed there was a missing vase. Now I wonder if it was taken...