Saturday, November 19, 2011

German Headstones & Maiden Names

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Pflugerville, Texas

Sometimes it is rather difficult to find the maiden names of women. At a local cemetery, I found several German graves with the maiden names listed. What a great find for a genealogist who has looked everywhere (birth records, death records, obituaries, census records, etc.) and has had no luck with finding those elusive last names!


  1. To be found by search engines for genealogists:

    Fritz Ganzert, Anna Sommer, Johanna Plattow, Malinda Pflueger Gerstenberger, Johanna Wegner Hebbe, Gottlob Stricker, Dorothea Schaeg

  2. I like this ~ I think more of us should put maiden names on the grave stones!