Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Stockings

This is post 18 in the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories hosted by Geneabloggers.com in 2011.

Prompt: December 18 - Christmas Stockings

Did you have one? Where did you hang it? What did you get in it? Do you have any Christmas stockings used by your ancestors?

My Mom knitted all of us (herself, Dad, and four kids) Christmas stockings. After I was born (I am the oldest), my Mom lost the stocking pattern and changed the spelling of my first name (from Jackie to Jacquie)!

50+ years old!
My brother and sister shared a new pattern. But, by the time, my youngest brother was born (fourteen years after me), a new pattern was once again used (see below).

Christmas 1976

Several years ago, my Mom gave us our childhood stockings so that we can use them in our own homes.
I cross-stitched a Christmas stocking for my oldest child. She must have been four-years-old before I finished it! When my son was born six years later, I decided to just buy a stocking (it looks home-made!).
None of our Christmas stockings ever hung on the mantle. They were and still are too full of gifts to hang anywhere. I now have a stocking tree to hang my kids' stockings.

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