Thursday, December 13, 2012

Damage to Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery

It was only a few weeks ago, I found out that my great-great-grandmother, Madeline Bannon Keene, was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. I hope her resting place was not disturbed by Hurricane Sandy's devastating winds.

Madeline Bannon Keene was buried with her sister's
family in Green-Wood Cemetery in 1919. Thanks to Bob
Collins/ for taking this photo.

Brooklyn Cemetery Uprooted By Sandy

By: Jeanine Ramirez
12/12/2012 07:13 PM

With sweeping views of lower Manhattan, Green-Wood Cemetery is the highest point in Brooklyn. But because of its elevation, it took a severe battering from Hurricane Sandy's fierce winds.

Enormous trees were uprooted. Headstones toppled.

"Since the day after the storm we've been clearing roads, opening the roads up," said Grounds Superintendent Art Presson. "After that we've been just trying to get the cemetery cleaned up."

About 300 trees were either completely lost or badly damaged, as were at least 210 monuments.
But that number is likely to go up as debris continues to be cleared.

At almost 175 years old, Green-Wood is a National Historic Landmark.

Damages are estimated to be at least $500,000. The team is also helping to document it all.

"We have a form that the National Parks Service uses that we have to fill out for the damaged stones," architecture teacher Timothy Jones said. "Categorizing how they got damaged and which way they fell and what seems to be wrong with them and what types of stones they are. The longitude, the latitude -- basic information like that the students learn how to do in the classes they have."

Cemetery officials say they'll plant new trees where the old ones stood.

They're looking to the NY Restoration Project for help with that effort.

But replacing the trees that had once stood there -- that will take about a century.

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