Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vladislovas Ledisless Dembskis - Priest, Free Thinker, Uncle

Kunigas Vladislovas Ledisless Dembskis

Birth:  19 May 1831; Limbazi, Latvia or Lithuania
Death:  12 Nov 1913; Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania

"Kunigas" translates to "Priest" (Dembskis was a Catholic priest).

I found "Father Vlad" living with the John Szulapas (Jonas Šliūpas) family in Scranton, Pennsylvania (according to the 1910 Census).

Jonas Šliūpas is famous in Lithuanian history:

"The most significant drive in the life of Jonas Šliūpas was his strong feeling of patriotism, to which he remained loyal and worked hard to implement. Wherever he went, he tried to arouse Lithuanians to celebrate the feeling of national identity." (