Monday, March 31, 2014

Cemeteries Require a Certain Dignity

Find a Grave/Kelly F.


When the city of Port Huron starts the annual cleanup of Lakeside Cemetery Tuesday, expect the effort to be substantially different from those of past years.

This time, the city is going to be a lot more picky about the cemetery’s cleanliness —and that ought to be a welcome change.

Cemeteries require a certain dignity. After all, they are the resting places for the departed. Their decorum should distinguish them as hallowed grounds.

Lakeside has slipped in that respect —and the city bears responsibility. Past budget cutbacks affected a range of city services. One unfortunate victim was the city cemetery.

Rules that determined what decorations could and could not be placed at grave sites were not enforced. Although the expanding diversity of mementos that followed might have been well-intended, their effect increasingly made Lakeside something less than the sacred site it should be.

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