Monday, April 7, 2014

Questions Over Fort Ann, NY cemetery

Questions remain over Fort Ann cemetery

March 23, 2014 5:00 pm
By Bill Toscano
Glens Falls Post-Star

FORT ANN — Town Board members and residents alike seem to agree it’s important to preserve the Blossom Farm Cemetery, final resting place of at least two Revolutionary War soldiers. But after nine months, there’s still no agreement on how to save it.

Located on private land off Route 22 in Comstock, the cemetery was nearly lost to memory, it’s stones scattered and its boundaries unknown, before an effort was begun to reclaim the burial ground, which has been used as a cow pasture.
“I want to know where it is,” Deputy Mayor Gretchen Stark said during a recent Town Board meeting.

“I think everyone wants to help out,” Town Supervisor Darlene Dumas said.

“I think we should take it over after we define it,” board member Howard Denison said. “I think we should go forward with the idea of the town taking over the cemetery.”

For the past nine months, Debbie Camarota, a descendant of soldiers buried in Blossom Farm Cemetery, has attended every board meeting to push for the town to take control of the graveyard.

Camarota, who along with four others founded Friends of Blossom Farm Cemetery, has worked with Nancy Moore, who also has relatives buried in the cemetery, to research the land and petition the town for action.

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